Our sandals are made respecting the standard and regular fit measurements. To choose your number, just stick to the one normally worn for other sandals. If you normally have a size 39 then you can easily choose the same number for our creations.

In any case, for greater security, we provide you with a table thanks to which you can easily identify your number simply by measuring the length of the foot.

For the realization of the thong sandals it will be enough to provide us with two important measures, namely the length of the foot and the measure of the instep. If, on the other hand, you choose a sandal other than a flip-flop, you will also need to measure the front band.

Taking the required measurements is very simple, just follow our instructionsi.

Warning! if Measure1 is not provided during the purchase, Measure1 will be used as shown in the Table below.

Europe 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
Centimeters 23cm 23,5cm 24,5cm 25cm 26cm 26,5cm 27cm 27,5cm 28,5cm 29cm
U.K 21/2 31/2 4 5 6 61/2 7 71/2 9 91/2
Australia 31/2 41/2 5 6 7 71/2 8 81/2 9 101/2
U.S & Canada 5 6 61/2 71/2 81/2 9 91/2 91/2 101/2 12
Misura1 16,5cm 17cm 17,5cm 18cm 18,5cm 19cm 19,5cm 20cm take the measure take the measure

Measure your foot length to check the size

To measure the length of the foot correctly, simply place the bare foot on a sheet of paper and mark a line at the heel and another at the tip of the big toe. At this point all that remains is to measure the distance between the two lines to get the length of your foot.

Measure1 the instep

To establish the size of the instep you will instead have to use a tape measure and place it on the instep without tightening too much, starting from one end to the other as you see in the following animation.

Measure2 the foot for non-thong sandals

If you have chosen a model of sandal other than the flip-flop to the two previous sizes, you will need to add that of the front of the foot, where the shoe band will be positioned.

The measurement will be taken while standing and always using a tape measure that you will place loosely as shown in the following animation.

Choose the heel size

Once you have chosen the sandal and taken your foot measurements, you can decide the height of the heel you want by selecting it from the photos below.

Misura 1,5 cm

Tacco Basso 1,5 cm

Misura 2,5 cm

Tacco Basso 2,5 cm

Misura 4 cm

Tacco Basso 4 cm