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The ancient art of sandalwood in Positano

The Mastro Sandals Positano brand was born from us young artisans, with the desire to bring originality and our creations all over the world.

Sandali Gioiello Artigianali

Production of Positano Jewel Sandals

or the soles we use only 100% real Italian leather, to be precise Tuscan leather, one of the best in the world famous for its resistance and waterproofing.

The choice of colors of our creations are inspired by all the shades that characterize the landscape of Positano and the entire Amalfi coast.

Sandali Gioiello Artigianali

In addition, inside each sole there is a steel insert, so as to make the sandal even more resistant and long-lasting.

Our soles all have a non-slip rubber application.